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Volunteering in Thailand really does make travel meaningful. Volunteering still allows you to visit all the paces that you want to see and enjoy the rich culture and beautiful cuisine, but unlike a tourist you'll be living in a Thai community interacting with locals and most importantly you'll be doing something meaningful by.  helping people less fortunate.

Arranging to volunteer can be a daunting task, especially when you're thousands of miles away on the other side of the globe. If You do not know have Connections in the Place You Want to Volunteer your time, it Can be a difficult Task Finding a respectable Project that offers Genuine opportunities that Benefit local communities and that's where we Come in. 

Thai Volunteers is based in Thailand and operated by both Thai and English people; we are a dedicated small team of ex-volunteers that know firsthand what volunteering means to the people that do it and those who gain valuable life skills from volunteering. It can be a very overwhelming process getting ready for your volunteer placement but we are with you for help and support throughout your stay with us.

We arrange suitable accommodation, transport to and from the project, get you prepared and ready for your first day at the project. We provide hands on support and ongoing aid after your orientation.

Our team has spent years developing volunteer project in places where they are most needed. We're committed to partnering only with schools that are really trying to make a difference; we work very hard to maintain these relationships as well as identify other areas of cooperation.

When you volunteer in Thailand with Thai Volunteers, you gain valuable skills necessary to thrive in the local culture and begin learning the language.

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Furthermore, Thailand has amazing temples, ancient ruins unique bustling markets selling everything from watches and handbags to exotic foods and more importantly a rich culture that can not be found anywhere else. This country really does offer hundreds of sights and attractions for you to see and enjoy.

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"Amazing experience, I've been to Thailand five times but never like this, highly recommended.  The staff and project was amazing from start to finish"  Stacey Weatley UK

Although Thailand is still developing, there's a very modern side to this wonderful nation, Bangkok is a huge, bustling metropolis especially in terms of huge skyscrapers, very efficient sky train, beautiful hotels as well as major shopping malls with all the latest fashion. So if signing up to our project you really do not have to go without the finer things and creature comforts, you do not even have to miss out on new releases or go without your favorite foods.

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Travel with meaning and join Thai Volunteers

Volunteering in Thailand

What you need to know

Cooling down during Chachengsoa English Camp in October 2016.

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Tour of the community rubber plantation June 2015

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Thai people are some of the most welcoming, friendly and happy people on earth. Our volunteers tell us repeatedly how much they enjoyed getting to know the people at the school and surrounding community. In fact, the time amongst the local population as well as time spent with the children is often the most memorable part of Volunteers experience